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Thursday, 25 April 2013

I'm backkkkk... but did I ever go away?

Hello. I am back in the blogosphere because of procrastination. You see I'm at University full-time at the moment and I really should be researching assignments, reading and taking notes, at the library, mooching around in a v-neck jersey and some tightatthebottom baggy at the bum jeans (trousers for those on the other side of the world, or pants, whatever you like). Just being a student. No... not
a Jeff Spicoli kind of student... one that just wants to get on with their degree and get a job, pay the bills and live happily ever after! Is that so bad?
Okay, okay soo not every student fits the Jeff Spicoli stereotype. But at times it is stressful, there are exams, dodgy marking, annoying and dreary lecturers who bore the students to death... A great example is the role calling teacher in Ferris Buller's Day off it's a fantastic piece of drool inspiring teaching. The kind that needs to be shown to every wannabe teacher in order for them to never be crap! To be fair the lecturer's I have at the University I attend are good, some are great, some make me want to learn stuff that makes peoples eyes roll back in their heads! Like politics! Or or Plato's Cave! So imagine my surprise when I found out there are some really, really, really, like 'totally bad dude' type teachers out there... read on fellow students, read about the worst of the worst!
We’ve all had them, bad teachers. Most of the time their poor performance is limited to laziness, poor skill, or other relatively minor transgressions. Every once in a while though, there comes a teacher who crosses over from “bad teacher” to “worst teacher.” The following are some examples of educators who really had no business in school or around children.
See this site for some truly cringeworthy and repulsive specimens of humanity! Oh and students, if you think that you have a bad lecturer I love to see if your story tops any of the people named above! Grossssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

 Awww look a nice, old, badly dressed man showing a young girl how to hold his weapon... wrong?

 Aha! One simply cannot turn away from the seductive power of social media, popular television ( I know, designed to keep us tuned in via nefarious networks and their dubious polling, bastards) and memes! A man thanks a reader, a man will post again soon... Just say the words 'tastycheese' and a man will help you with your daily dose of procrastination...
Righto:) Back to the studies! See you again soon, Troy of banner 'getbacktoworkorfail'.

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